Joining Nocino’s Pizza Theme Camp


  • Must have a referral from someone who is in the camp or someone we know dearly.
  • If you’re a virgin you have to have a designated Burner Parent.
  • You’ve read and thoughts about the 10 Principles and understand & practice consent.
  • When you are a part of the camp, you join the family, help solve issues, celebrate the successes, and laugh with the camp.
  • No Sparkle Ponies. :{(

What You Provide:


  • You will need to buy your own ticket and transportation into Burning Man.


  • Dues are $475.

Pizza Shifts:

  • 3 shifts making pizza. Making dough, rolling dough, topping pizzas, cooking pizzas, or serving pizza. This is our gift to the playa and we have a blast while doing it. The line of the pizza-hungry hoard crosses in front of the pizza-making stations allowing for interactivity with the people who get to enjoy it.


  • Everyone comes together to breakdown the camp on Friday morning. No exceptions! This is a mandatory part of being a part of Nocino’s.

What We Provide:

Water / Grey Water

  • We provide fresh squeezed H2O for every member of our camp. 2.5 gals in fact. That’s enough to drink and shower every day!


  • We have a single stall shower with hardwood flooring. We have solar shower bags you can use, or you can use the pump! Your choice!

Camping Shade:

  • 10’x10’x8’ cube
    No need to bring your own shade! You get a 10’ x 10’ (8’ tall) cube in the shade to set up your tent! Even cooler, you can buy these rad cube tents (link) for under $200 which can connect to the structure creating a 10’ x 10’ room. Pretty cool stuff. If you like room. If you don’t, this is a nightmare.
    If you have your own shade or you have a tent/structure that won’t fit in the Camper’s Shade, let us know your situation (and your dimensions), and we’ll allocate space in the camp.

Common Shade

  • We have a common shade area to hang out during the day, eat food, laugh with campmates, high five with old enemies, play jacks, whatever! Also, spoiler, this area is used during pizza service. You can still hang out during pizza service, but there will be a bunch of people as well.

Pizza Dinner

  • We never, NEVER serve pizza to the public until we’ve tasted it ourselves. So we cook a batch of pizzas for ourselves as part of quality assurance. Throughout service, we cook pizzas for Nocino’s members, and again at the end, we’ll cook a number of pizzas for ourselves to enjoy before clean up!


  • We have a state of the burning man art kitchen which you can use. We will have all the pots, pans, and utensils for you to use on propane burners (quality). Or use your own shit. I’m not here to tell you to not do you! Ya know?! Oh, always clean up after yourself. Duh.

Some Kitchen supplies

  • There are some things we all don’t need to bring. Salt and pepper are one of them. Shit, that’s two, two of them.


  • We have a cool keg system which is live all the time. Fill up a pint whenever you want.
    This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your own booze, but know you always have a frosty pint waiting for you.


  • While we always try to minimize how much ‘trash’ we bring each year,
    We separate cans (to recycle camp), burnables (get burnt in our burn bin), and trash (everyone takes a bag home).

Music & DJs on a healthy sized sound system

  • We have some healthy sized speakers from the ol’ days that we set up at camp. They’re more than loud enough to have a neighbor ask us to turn them down. That doesn’t happen because we’re respectful, but that’s how loud they get.
    Sometimes we play playlists, sometimes we have DJs play, sometimes we have Pizza Karaoke going, sometimes we stand in silence making intense eye contact with passers-by.

What We Don’t Provide:


  • You will need to buy your own ticket and provide your own transportation into The Burning Man.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, alternative dinners

  • Grow up, bring your stuff. You might want to have some other dinner things if you get sick of pizza (I don’t, but then again NOBODY ASKED ME! Never do, never will. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother).


  • Purchase your own or with friends!

Camp chairs

  • We don’t bring chairs for peeps. So bring one or a couple to help outfit our common space. If you have small camping tables or milk crates, bring them as they can be quite helpful!

Normal surviving the dessert shit

  • …like hats and sunscreen, a tent, you know, surviving in the desert shit.

Connect with Us!

If you’ve read everything and are still interested in joining Nocino’s camp, please fill out the form and tell us about yourself!

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