Previous Projects

Several key members of Nocino’s Pizza also have a storied history of creating stuff on the playa as well as helping others build theirs.

This is Not the Camp You’re Looking For (2011-2012)

Star Wars themed camp that hosted happy hours and housed the Death Star art car.

Death Star Art Car (2010-2012)

A 35’ long 1974 Crown (Colorado engine) school bus converted into the Death Star. Holding over 120 people on board, the Death Star art car transported Burners around the playa while DJs and dancers raged under the 20’ Death Star with working and interactive planet-murdering laser.

The Death Star stood 37’ tall, and was the tallest mobile art on the playa in 2010-2012. No citation needed. This is fact. FACT.

Hell, even Burning Man org uses the Death Star as an example of light as art for Mutant Vehicles: Click Here and click open Mutant Vehicle Criteria and scroll to 4.2.

And here’s Burning Man Org’s linked image.

The base vehicle, Moana, transferred ownership in 2013 to the Big Sur art collective, [blank], and now comes to Burning Man as the [name of art car].

Tennis Camp (2013-2014)

We brought a full sized, felt tennis court to Burning Man. Why? WHY THE FUCK NOT?!?! Seriously, it was fun and chill.

Sexy Filipino Man being held by sexy polish man on Burning Man Tennis Court


We assisted HYBYCOZO in building thier art piece Heart of Gold. Amazing people with amazing art.

Enunciation (2016)

We assisted Taylor Dean Harrison in building his piece Ennuciation. A terrific human who could crush you with his heart and/or hand.